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Lincoln Central Academy

School Nutrition News

For the first time during the 2018-19 school year students and staff will be satisfying their hunger and tickling their taste buds with some creations from a new food service provider!


Southwest Food Service Excellence, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, has made its debut in Tennessee by partnering with the Lincoln County School System. The company provides food service to solely K-12 institutions and is focused on enhancing our students' quality of life through fresh and wholesome food, a strong focus on nutrition and unparalleled customer service.  They take pride in serving only the best and most nutritious foods while creating menus that will be enjoyed by our students, listening to our students and making adjustments based on their feedback, and committing to serve a wide variety of foods made with highest-quality ingredients. 


In addition to food service they will also be hosting community events, interactive experiences for our students and providing fun nutritional education.  We look forward to providing our students the opportunity to experience school dining like never before!


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This is how you say Free and Reduced Lunch Application in Spanish: solicitud de almuerzo gratis y reducido
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