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Lincoln Central Academy

School Security and Safety

School and student safety are of the utmost importance in Lincoln County Schools.  Given the recent violence and school shootings in both Kentucky and Florida, the Lincoln County School Board and Lincoln County School officials are taking action.

School Board Chairman Jerry Pendergrass is appointing a study committee to develop plans to prevent these occurrences to threaten and happen in Lincoln County Schools.  Mr. Pendergrass commented, “while we realize it is impossible to anticipate every contingency the disturbed mind envisions, we can find a reasonable plan of action to do the very best at trying to prevent and deal with these threats.”

From the office of the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Bill Heath, the school officials are currently in the process of reviewing current plans and procedures, updating the plans with additional protocols if needed, assessing all facilities in their entirety, and developing a strategic plan that includes all options including the most current technology and research proven solutions in the name of student safety.  In addition to school administrators, the collaborative efforts are including students, employees, administrators, County and City law enforcement, County and City government, and School Board members.   Dr. Heath stated, “we owe it to the students in Lincoln County Schools to guarantee them we will leave nothing on the table when it comes to providing them a safe and secure learning environment, with a collaborative effort we will make this happen”

Lincoln County Schools stakeholders can expect information regarding the results of these meetings over the next few weeks.  Information will be disseminated via direct communications including meetings at your child’s school.